We began fertility doctoring in September after a year of TTC. I had been on fertilaid for woman for three month at that time…the doctor ordered a semen analysis for my husband right away and we were shocked with the results. Only six mil. When the count should have been at least 15mil. Sperm mobility was low and immaturity rate was high. I immediately purchased fertilaid for men and he began taking it right away! He got slightly sick on it occasionally but it helped to eat a big meal before taking the pills. Anyways four months later we requested another analysis. The count had jumped to 25 mil. well within the normal range. Although the mobility was still low, the number of immature sperm had dropped also! Long story short, I just got a positive pregnancy test yesterday! After five months on Fertilaid for men and 1 1/2 years of TTC! Fertilaid works! And we even have lab numbers to show for it! Blessing to all the other TTC couples out there!

*By AM