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Varicocele And FertilAid For Men

Varicocele And FertilAid For Men

A varicocele is an abnormal enlargement of the veins in the scrotum. Veins are the blood vessels that are responsible for carrying blood from the body back toward the heart. (Arteries, on the other hand, are blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to other parts of the body). Veins contain valves that keep blood flowing in the proper direction. But, when these valves fail, blood is allowed to flow backward and pool in the veins, which causes the veins to stretch and swell. When this occurs in the legs, it produces varicose veins. When it occurs in the scrotum, it produces a varicocele.

Varicoceles appear in about 15% of men between 15 and 25 years old, and most often develop during puberty. During puberty, the testicles grow very quickly and require an increased supply of blood. If the valves in the veins in the scrotum do not function optimally, the veins will struggle to transport the extra blood away from the testicles and blood will back up, thereby creating a varicocele. It is interesting to note that because the blood flow on the left side of the scrotum is greater, varicoceles tend to occur more frequently in the left testicle.

Approximately 40% of all infertile men have a varicocele. And, interestingly, as many as 80% of men with secondary infertility (those who have fathered a child, but are struggling with fertility issues in trying to conceive a second child) have a varicocele. It is not known precisely how or why varicoceles negatively impact fertility. One theory is that the pooled blood increases the temperature in the testicles, which ultimately decreases sperm count.

In many cases, a varicocele will cause no symptoms and may go undetected for many years. Some men only discover that they have a varicocele during the course of fertility testing.

On the other hand, some men do experience symptoms, which tend to occur more frequently during hot weather, after exercise, or after sitting or standing for a long time. Such symptoms include:

  • a dull ache in the testicle(s)
  • a feeling of heaviness or dragging in the scrotum
  • dilated veins in the scrotum that can be felt (described as feeling like worms or spaghetti)
  • the testicle is smaller on the side where the dilated veins are (due to difference in blood flow)

If you are struggling with infertility issues, and you are diagnosed with a varicocele, you may be advised to have the varicocele repaired. There are two ways to repair a varicocele: varicocelectomy and varicocele embolization. A varicocelectomy is an out-patient surgery performed by an urologist. The surgeon makes a cut in the lower abdomen and ties off the vein that is not functioning properly so that the flow of blood is redirected to other normal veins. A varicocele embolization is also an out-patient procedure, in which a small incision is made, and a small hollow tube (called a catheter) is inserted into the problematic vein.

But, before you decide to have your varicocele repaired, we recommend that you do some research. Not all fertility experts agree that varicocele repair improves male fertility (including sperm count) or increases pregnancy rates. And, varicocele repair can cause some side effects, including infection at the site of surgery, fluid buildup in the scrotum that requires draining, and/or injury to the arteries or nerves in the scrotum.

The most significant fertility-related problem associated with varicocele is low sperm count. Whether or not you decide to have your varicocele repaired, taking FertilAid for Men may help improve sperm count.

Hear From Men with Varicocele or Poor Sperm Parameters Who Used FertilAid

5 stars
Mar 21, 2018

Trying to conceive for 2.5 yrs! (Diagnosed with low motility)

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This is a true story. In December 2017, I was diagnosed with very low motility of 15% (normal is 32%) and morphology of only 3% (normal is 4%). We were so devastated as we’ve been trying for almost 2.5 years now. The family doctor suspected that I have varicocele but ultrasound confirmed nothing. I almost thought that wife won’t get pregnant anymore. We were about to give up but luckily, and by God’s grace, I found Fertilaid thru online research and ordered online to be shipped here in Canada. I started taking it along with Motility Boost on January 23 ’18. Today is March 21 and after only 2 bottles, my wife has been found out to be about 5-6 weeks pregnant! This supplement truly helps make things come true! Thank you so much, Fertilaid!

*By Jason

5 stars
Jun 4, 2017

Believe the hype!

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Before attempting to conceive I did thorough research on fertility supplements. NOTE: I self diagnosed myself with varicocele and wanted to be proactive. I ended up deciding on fertilaid. I took the supplement for two months and followed the directions precisely. After the first month of TTC my wife and I were able to conceive our wonderful son. He was just born and I cannot be happier with fertilaid. If you have any suspected fertility issue do not waste time and purchase this product asap! You will not regret the decision.

*By Marky Mark

5 stars
Mar 15, 2017

Really Works

Categories: Fertilaid for Men Reviews, Fertilaid for Men Success Stories, Low Sperm Count, Low Sperm Motility, Semen Analysis, TTC For Extended Period of Time, Varicocele|

Because I had varicosel, my spirm count was 0.2 million per ml with motility of 0% in my first semen analysis. I tried wearing really loose underwear and usually only the underwear when at home in addition to icing a few times a day using plastic ice cubes. Aftter a few months, the sperm count raised to 4.5 million per ml with a motility of 26%, which was better but not there yet. So, I started taking FertileAid (2 capsules’ a day to save a bit) and after a few more months, the count raised to 30 million per ml with motility of 47%. To improve motility as well, I also take MotilityBoost and one more FertileAid. The count went up to 50 mil per ml with motility of 49% (MotilityBoost did apparently not work for me). In summary, FertileAid is a really great and working product, which I managed to experience personally. Pregnancy is yet to come because we recently found out that my wife tubes were clogged, but pushing the dye has opened them and we look forward to it this time after nearly 2 years of TTC.
I just wish that this product can be sold cheaper in the future as it becomes more spreadout. $30 a month is a bit much for families with lower income.

*By Hamid

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