My wife and I were trying for almost 1.5 years with no luck so I went and got tested with very negative results. My doctor told me not to panic and there are ways to skyrocket your fertility numbers. I did everything it took. Zinc, Vitamin C no alcohol whatsoever and he told me about FertilAid. I looked it up and though it might just be a gimmick but it had really good reviews so I bought a bottle. My doctor said it would take maybe 3 months to get my numbers where I needed them but within a month and half my wife woke me up with a positive pregnancy test. That was in August. Now we are going to welcome a healthy baby girl in March. I could not even believe this happened to me but if you change your diet, habits, lifestyle etc, your fertility numbers will skyrocket and I know for sure that FertilAid was a major role player if not thee reason we managed to get pregnant so quickly after trying for so long. Definitely buy this a take it as directed.