My husband was diagnosed with very low sperm count (5 million) at the beginning of September 2018. Apparently the count was so low that the lab couldn’t determine morphology or motility. I got my hubby on these. After taking them for maybe 3 weeks I had a positive pregnancy test, but unfortunately I believe it was a chemical as AF came shortly thereafter. As of today my husband is nearing the end of his second bottle, with supply for month 3 on route. No success last month, but the second SA in early October showed a motility of 13%, which, as far as we know, went up from 0…but the count didn’t change. I REALLY hope these help in the coming months. Fingers crossed. We are praying. Hubby has never complained about any stomach upset, and he has no issue taking the product. I would recommend, but I have no positive result to share at this time. We’ve been trying for over a year now.

*By Cindy D