So….my story is one of patience & perseverance. My name is Dave & I’m 51 years old. I had a vasectomy reversal done in August 2016. I tried taking different vitamins and teas…etc…with no positive results. I finally bought a 3 month supply of FertilAid for men and was pretty faithful in taking the 3 pills a day. I think there was maybe two days I took 2 pills. Anyway I was probably about a third of the way into the third bottle when my wife told me she had two positive readings on the home tests. This was on Nov 6, 2018. She had her doctor visit today Nov 12, 2018 and her scheduled due date is July 12, 2019!!!! So I wrote all this to bring hope and encouragement to those of you in a similar situation. Don’t give up!!!

*By Dave