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FertilAid for Women and Men Reviews

FertilAid Success Stories

See Results of FertilAid Survey!FertilAid is a doctor-designed, clinically validated product that is frequently recommended by ObGyns and fertility specialists. All reviews below are authentic and submitted by satisfied FertilAid customers.

4 stars
Aug 31, 2018

This product works, but don’t expect miracles.

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We started taking this product when we received our first poor SA result with my husband PCP. Panicked, we looked online for answers while we waited for an appointment with a urologist. Fast forward almost 4 months and 2 SA’s later, the numbers are better. We went from 0 normal and 2% motility to 25% motility and 4% normal. With such positive reviews, we sort of expected a miracle. It didn’t happen. But it did increase our odds for IVF ICSI which I am happy about. While we will never be “normal” these vitamins do help but please don’t get your hopes up. Our RE also reiterated this tone. Background: We are a healthy early 30s couple who are fit and lead a healthy lifestyle with a 2-year-old toddler.

*By Lee Lee D

5 stars
Aug 30, 2018


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My first round of IVF using this had the best quality off eggs and the highest number. I went 2 more round of IVF not using this product and I only got 1 egg which also didnt work. Since it did so well for my first round, I am going back on today to see if we can finally be preg after 12 yrs of trying


5 stars
Aug 4, 2018

Holy Crap!

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I’m writing on here directly because I legitimately thought all of these reviews were fake when I first read on the supplement. I was already using an ingredient listed on the bottle, and thought that to get more vitamins I’d just order this – and if I got pregnant – great! My boyfriend and I had just decided to try, honestly, and halfway through this bottle I was ready to order a new one and order some fertility lube.

A week or so later, I became so, so ill. I was even sent home one of the days! I was hungry, I was farting ALL the time, I was so, so tired and napping which was unlike me. Took a pregnancy test from the advice of my boyfriend and WHAM, I’m pregnant.

For what it’s worth, I’ve had unprotected sex since I was 16. I was a stupid 16 year old, but that’s how I also found out I would never be able to have my own children due to PCOS, Endo AND Lupus. I’ve been having unprotected sex for 10 years and I have never in my life had a positive pregnancy test… Ever. This is the first time. I thought I would have to do expensive IVF, I thought I’d be adopting a child… But. boyfriend and I wanted to start taking this first “just to see” (despite my eye-rolling and “It won’t work!”) and to my surprise it REALLY DOES.

*By Laura Cartmell

3 stars
Aug 3, 2018

We still are using it

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My husband had a test of dna fragmentation and it was shown very high 37.3%. He began to take fertilad supplement for three months …He got ill and that time and took antibiotics and his sperm counts were very low when he tested after three months and the doctor told him because my husband was ill and took antibiotics …after another three months the dna fragmentation became better . He will make a semen analysis after few weeks to see if the count and motility increased or not yet …his count was 4 million I hope it will increased this time .. Do you have any recommendations for me

*By Noha

5 stars
Aug 1, 2018

Worked for me!!

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My fiancee’s sister was having trouble conceiving and we got a little worried on our end. We went to our local reproductive center and found that I had abnormally high sperm count 146 million, but only 1% we normally shaped. So our doctor recommended FertileAid. I took the 1 month supply and slacked on the 2nd month due to not believing, was in the process of having the 3rd bottle ordered and my fiancee surprised me with the the positive pregnancy test! Don’t give up!

*By Adrian Hightower

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