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FertilAid for Women and Men Reviews

FertilAid Success Stories

See Results of FertilAid Survey!FertilAid is a doctor-designed, clinically validated product that is frequently recommended by ObGyns and fertility specialists. All reviews below are authentic and submitted by satisfied FertilAid customers.

5 stars
Mar 21, 2019

Extremely Effective!

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My husbands numbers tested low across the board. I saw “fertile aid for men” referenced on a TTC blog and we gave it a shot. After 3 months of taking it, his numbers had improved by at least 50% in every category. The month after we got the test results back, we were pregnant! I recommend it to everyone TTC now, even if there’s no male issue because i love that its basically a natural vitamin boost without the negative effects of a “medication.” Hoping for luck again soon using it for number two! 🙂

*By Jennifer

5 stars
Mar 19, 2019

Not a scientist but…

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Well we are expecting!

Early early June of 2018 my fiancé and I went through a miscarriage. Early September our Dr cleared us to try again.

Now I’m no scientist but we had been trying and trying and no luck. Bought these and my fiancé bought the women’s version. One capsule 3 times a day after meals (would make me nausea if not taken after a meal) and I swear we found out we were expecting right the following month. Did these really work or just coincidence? I don’t know but we like to believe that these helped us. Worth a try!

*By Eden

5 stars
Mar 19, 2019

We had great results

Categories: Fertilaid for Men Reviews, Fertilaid for Men Success Stories, Low Sperm Count, Low Sperm Motility, Semen Analysis, TTC For Extended Period of Time|

We began fertility doctoring in September after a year of TTC. I had been on fertilaid for woman for three month at that time…the doctor ordered a semen analysis for my husband right away and we were shocked with the results. Only six mil. When the count should have been at least 15mil. Sperm mobility was low and immaturity rate was high. I immediately purchased fertilaid for men and he began taking it right away! He got slightly sick on it occasionally but it helped to eat a big meal before taking the pills. Anyways four months later we requested another analysis. The count had jumped to 25 mil. well within the normal range. Although the mobility was still low, the number of immature sperm had dropped also! Long story short, I just got a positive pregnancy test yesterday! After five months on Fertilaid for men and 1 1/2 years of TTC! Fertilaid works! And we even have lab numbers to show for it! Blessing to all the other TTC couples out there!

*By AM

2 stars
Feb 26, 2019

TTC for over 3 years

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I purchased Fertilaid and Ovaboost a month ago now. I ordered it due to the amazing reviews and success stories on women ttc. I always had irregular cycles, until a little over a year ago they started being pretty regular. I’m 29 btw. I did get pregnant back in August and had a miscarriage and haven’t been able to conceive since. Since taking these vitamins I missed my February cycle. Not sure what that’s about. The only thing I notice is my nails are growing and are healthier but that’s it. I am going to order another month and add in the CM formula in hopes that all 3 combined I can get a BFP. Please pray for us.

*By Crystal

5 stars
Feb 6, 2019

Categories: Fertilaid for Men Reviews, Fertilaid for Men Success Stories, IVF or other Intervention, TTC For Extended Period of Time, Vasectomy Reversal|

I highly recommend Fairhaven Men’s Fertility for those who are trying to conceive. I had a partial vasectomy for an illness I had acquired that gave me less than 10% chance for my wife to conceive. My wife did some extensive research and found Fairhaven. She ordered the Fertilaid for Men Oct 2017 and within two weeks of me taking it my wife became pregnant. We now have a healthy six month old son spoiled with so much love! Prior to that we tried for half a year or so with no luck. We’re trying for a girls this year so we just ordered again but this time we orderd the TTC Boost Bundle for her and Male Fertility Supplement Starter Pack for me. Thank you Fairhaven! You saved us a lot of money of possible IVF so we can naturally conceive!


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