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FertilAid for Men Clinical Study

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Data from an independent, placebo-controlled, “gold standard” clinical study indicates that the use of the supplement, FertilAid for Men, resulted in marked improvements in male fertility and sperm health. Specifically, the results of this important study reveal that taking FertilAid for Men significantly increases “total normal sperm motility” – with a tendency toward an “increase in total mobile sperm count“.

Conducted by reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. J.E. Ellington, and pharmacologist, Dr. G.D. Clifton, the randomized, double-blind FertilAid for Men study was conducted through 2006 over a three month period to determine the effects of FertilAid on Men with “abnormal sperm parameters”, as defined by the World Health Organization.

The results of the FertilAid study revealed a “significant improvement” in the number of motile sperm, or “total normal sperm motility”. According to Dr. J.E. Ellington, “men with higher levels of motile, normally shaped sperm have shown better pregnancy outcomes in several [independent] studies.”

Read more here about this benchmark FertilAid Clinical Study – and how FertilAid supports sperm health and male reproductive wellness.

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