FertilAid For Men Supplement Facts

Formulated by renowned fertility expert, Dr. Amos Grunebaum, patented[1] FertilAid for Men was shown in a double blind, placebo controlled study to increase male fertility by increasing the total number of motile sperm a man produces.

Fertile, healthy sperm are defined not just by the number of sperm (or count), but also by sperm concentration, by sperm motility and speed, and by healthy morphology (sperm shape and size). Sperm motility is is determined by the percentage of sperm that are moving and their capacity to “swim” in a forward direction. Healthy sperm motility allows sperm to sustain vitality and propel themselves through the uterus to the fallopian tube – and ultimately penetrate the surface of the ovum and fertilize the egg.

FertilAid for Men addresses these key issues in male fertility and reproductive health. With a formula that combines a potent blend of antioxidantsvitamins, and minerals with the amino acid, L-CarnitineFertilAid for Men is designed to support sperm health and male reproductive wellness.

FertilAid for Women Ingredients

Clinical Study NewsResults from an independent clinical study on FertilAid for Men published in the American Journal of Andrology indicate significant improvements in sperm health, with marked increases in the “total number of motile sperm.” Read more about the FertilAid clinical study.

How FertilAid for Men Works

L-Carnitine and Potent Antioxidant Support

FertilAid for Men is a dietary supplement designed to support sperm health – count, motility, and morphology – in healthy men. It features a blend of antioxidantsvitamins, and minerals to support male fertility and overall reproductive health.

  • L-Carnitine supports the process of sperm development, in promoting proper maturation and morphology of sperm, and in ensuring the maintenance of sperm quality and vitality. FertilAid for Men contains L-Carnitine. as L-Carnitine tartrate.
  • Grapeseed Extract is a vital antioxidant that scours damaging free-radicals from your system. Free radicals cause oxidative damage to the body – a literal ‘rusting’ of tissues and cells. This damage can impact male reproductive function and disrupt fertility health.
  • Complex Antioxidant Formula: Vitamins C, E, A, and Selenium are important vitamins and cleansing antioxidants that play a key role in repairing damage caused by the environment and aging – and in preventing cellular damage due to oxidizing free radicals. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant central to overall reproductive health and wellness. Like Grapeseed Extract, selenium is a potent antioxidant that can help minimize oxidative damage produced by free radicals.
  • Vitamin C is important in sperm formation and needed to protect sperm from free radical damage. FertilAid for Men provides 250 mg of vitamin C.
  • Maca Root and Asian Ginseng are herbal ingredients used traditionally to support sperm health.
  • Zinc has been shown to to have a positive effect on sperm formation, sperm motility and testosterone metabolism. FertilAid for Men provides 30 mg of Zinc – a level commensurate with the dosages used in studies demonstrating its positive impact on male reproductive health.
  • Beta carotene is a fat-soluble antioxidant that protects sperm from free radical attack. It’s also a precursor to Vitamin A, a key player in ensuring proper sperm maturation.
  • Provides 100% or more of the Daily Value of many key vitamins and minerals, including methylfolate – the bioactive form of Vitamin B9. Methylfolate is ideal for men who can not process synthetic folic acid due to MTHFR defects
Amos Grunebaum, MD/ObGyn Leading Fertility Expert

“FertilAid for Men nurtures reproductive wellness and enhances fertility as a part of an overall health and diet regimen. The herbal and nutritional components of FertilAid have all been selected for their roles in promoting reproductive wellness.”

– Amos Grunebaum, MD/ObGyn Leading Fertility Expert

1Protected by US Patent #s 8,663,709; 8,974,838