So check this out, after years of trying to conceive, and with no luck. I did some research and decided I would try fertility pills. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but after sticking with it for a a year or two, then BOOM magic happened!! One day as I was leaving for work, with a wondrous look coming from my wife’s face she told me that she is pregnant while standing in our bathroom with the pregnancy test kit in her hands shaking from joy. That day I was in shocked and it was hard for me to focus at work. I kept on telling myself that this must be a dream, and this is not happening. Fast forward a couple of days later and to the doctors office, reality kicked me in the head and said “Hey, stupid don’t you get it? The pills worked.” So here I am some odd years later with two beautiful girls. So in a nutshell, if your trying to conceive with no luck, Fairhaven Health is worth a shot.

*By TJ