A few years back I was rushed into the ER for severe pains. I was diagnosed with endometriosis inside my ovaries and told I will have an extremely difficult time conceiving, if I ever can. My pains would reappear every other month, as one ovary was worse than the other. I was being treated with progesterone pills, birth control, pain meds…told some extremely ridiculous things to do to “deal” with it, but the pains continued with the additional side effects of all the other medications, and almost every 2-3 months I would be back in the ER because of the debilitating pains. I was absolutely miserable and felt like a failure as a woman! My sweet sister told me about this product she found called FertilAid, and she had read the ingredients and the benefits and said that this could be an alternative for me. She was interested in it as she and her husband had been trying to conceive with no success (which they now have the sweetest 5 month old boy, and she got pregnant while taking this and never got to finish the first bottle 🙂 ) Anyways, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it, nothing else was working. Well, I have been taking this for about 4-5 months now, no trips to the ER, no horrible side effects, no pain!!! Although my boyfriend and I are not actively trying to get pregnant, we are also not avoiding it, hoping that perhaps this wonderful supplement can help me fulfill my dreams of being a mother! I hope someday I can leave a review with a picture of my beautiful baby someday, but in the meantime I wanted other women to know how helpful this product is for me! I’ve noticed many reviews are from women using this to help treat medical conditions as opposed to pregnancy, and that was the light at the end of my tunnel to stay far away from the ER lol. Whether I get to have children or not someday, I am still extremely appreciative for what this supplement has done for me, and believe me when I say I am spreading the good word to any female friend or relative I hear is having issues with their girly bits 😂

*By Sandy