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Clomid Or FertilAid For Women

Clomid Or FertilAid For Women

Clomid and other similar fertility drugs tend to be the “go-to” treatment option for trying-to-conceive women experiencing ovulation disorders. Commonly prescribed fertility drugs (like Clomid) are effective in encouraging ovulation; it’s estimated that around 80% of women taking Clomid will ovulate during their first treatment cycle.

Fertility drugs do, however, come with their share of attendant side effects – vaginal dryness, blurring of vision, breast pain, etc. And “reality television” has ensured we’re all aware of the increased risk of multiple births; multiples, (either twins, triplets, or higher-order) occur with considerably greater prevalence when taking prescription fertility drugs. Perhaps most alarming, however, is the recent study data linking fertility drug usage to higher incidences of autism.

What If I Want to Enhance My Fertility Naturally?

Undoubtedly, there is a portion of the population that will require prescription – and/or surgical – medical intervention in order to successfully achieve pregnancy. That said, doesn’t it behoove us to first explore the safe, natural options that are available to us for encouraging regular ovulation and improving our chances of conceiving?

FertilAid for Women is a natural supplement designed by leading fertility expert, Amos Grunebaum, MD. It contains herbal ingredients that have been shown to exert a normalizing influence on key reproductive hormones, including progesterone, prolactin, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and estrogen. On the market since 2003 and used by tens of thousands of women, FertilAid for Women has no known side effects.

Clomid Or FertilAid For Women

Couples Who Have Taken Prescription Fertility Drugs Talk About Fertilaid

5 stars
Jun 5, 2019

So grateful for this pill!

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I’ve had issues with my hormones for the last 3 years. I’ve been on progesterone, and birth control to force me to have a period. I stoped birth control 5 months ago. So I stopped having a period again. I decided to try this pill a month ago. I’m a woman of faith, and I had faith this would work. So far I’m definitely a believer of this pill! I started a spotty, and light period. I even ovulated!!! God is great, and I’m thankful for Fairhaven health!

*By Yvette

5 stars
Nov 28, 2018

There was no hope is sight then …… BAM!

Categories: Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Fertility Drugs, Irregular Cycles, PCOS, TTC for Extended Period of Time|

Where do I start, I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 year and 2 months, I got pregnant the first month we tried and miscarried at week 5, and was not able to get pregnant afterward. I started taking my temp and found that I had a short luteal phase and went on the internet to search for anything that would help with that, which led me to Fairhaven products. I was very impressed with the reviews and all the women that claimed that it helped them get pregnant, so I decided to give it try. After just a month or two, with the help of Fertilaid and Ovaboost, my cycles started to regulate and my luteal phase started to lengthen. But alas I was not able to get pregnant, it was frustrating and I couldn’t afford to keep taking the pills for much longer so I stopped. For a long while.

Fast forward about a year later, I go to a doctors appointment and doctor finds that my thyroid is enlarged. After a few blood tests, an ultrasound and a biopsy I find that I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and in case you don’t know this is an autoimmune disease that attacks your thyroid and brings production of thyroid hormone way down. Which is not conducive for getting pregnant as it affects every cell in your body, and robs them of energy. So I get on the thyroid medication and I think “this must it, I will get pregnant right away. ” Nope. I am still trying to get my levels right and everytime they up my meds my cycle goes berserk, I have cycles as long as 50 days at times.

So, I am thinking to myself what can I do to regulate my cycles again and the only thing I can think of is Fertilaid and Ovaboost, I start off with Ovaboost and a regular prenatal, this does end up bringing my ovulation up and helps with the cycle length, still not pregnant though. Then, in the second month, I add in Fertilaid. My cycles are regular and my ovulation is good, now just the waiting and praying game. Well, the third month comes around, I have a particularly good day involving CM, with more than I have had in a LONG time. My husband and I do the deed and two weeks later, well… I think I’m out for the month. Temp was going down and had a temp drop at DPO 11, but then DPO 12 (the due date of my period), my temp goes slightly back up. What? that never happens, but also, the situation of my dreams. So I decided to take a pregnancy test on a whim. I was in disbelief, there was an instant BFP!!!!!! And I mean instant I could see the line before the red had even dissipated. (I use one of Fairhaven’s pregnancy tests by the way) I could not believe it, I’ve waited so long for this day, and finally finally it has come.

I truly believe that it was the combination of getting my thyroid right and the magical freaking powers of Fertilaid and Ovaboost. I highly recommend them to any and all women with cycle issues or infertility or whatever. I hope this helps and I hope to any women that are reading this trying to decide whether or not to give these a try, that this will help you to decide to just do it. I was skeptical at first too, there are so many things out that for women with infertility that are just trying to get your money. This is NOT one of them! They have helped me out tremendously, and it didn’t take forever to start seeing the effects either. So good luck to all the ladies out there trying to get there BFP, I hope that if you do try these products that they work as well for you as they did for me.

*By Gianesi

5 stars
Jul 9, 2018

7 yrs trying.. and BFP

Categories: Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Fertility Drugs, Irregular Cycles, TTC for Extended Period of Time|

I had been trying for seven years. having horrible pains at ovulation time for about a day or so, then it would stop and I had never known what was going on. I ad been to DR’s and they’d tell me it was a normal pain with ovulation but it wasn’t I couldn’t even sit down right without hurting like there was pressure inside… anyways I had heard about fertilaid on a baby forum and wanted to see what it was about. It had been 7- 9 years of ttc.. I was game for anything at this point (I’m not getting any younger). I think this was in December 2017 I took it the whole month, I still had this pain with ovulation. I thought it wasn’t doing its job and I’ve paid doctors to try and find what’s bothering me, so I quit taking it sometime in January. I end up missing my period in February (which is normal for me) then I missed one in march and had gotten a BFP on the 19th! I couldn’t believe it after all that time trying. I thought I was dreaming. the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage just a few short weeks later I feel it was a progesterone issue but hadn’t had a chance to figure it out. so I order me more fertilaid recently and have all the plans in the world on sticking with it. I cant say for sure fertilaid got me a BFP but I really believe it did. I was recently prescribed clomid and i definitely want to try fertilaid again first.. fertility drugs have such a high rate of autism and I just personally feel this is a safer alternative as long as it works.. ill definitely update as time goes by. baby dust to all**..
** side note when you first take this supplement you may get a headache or nauseous: for the headache I have to take stuff for it occasionally but for nausea eat a little when you take it and its pretty well none existent. after week or two these will subside.. it will be well worth that BFP! I wanted to tell my story because it had been so long and my husbands numbers are fabulous so it was all me, which didn’t help my anxiety about getting pregnant. Anyway the best of luck to you all hopefully for me as we’ll <3

*By Ruby Wears

5 stars
Jun 16, 2018

3 month success

Categories: After 35, Fertilaid for Men Reviews, Fertilaid for Men Success Stories, Fertility Drugs, IVF or other Intervention, Low Sperm Count, Low Sperm Motility, Semen Analysis, TTC For Extended Period of Time|

My husband loved it. He had been diagnosed with low testosterone several yrs ago in his early 30s. At 39 or 40 he was placed on testosterone from depression. For people who don’t know , Testosterone treatments make you sterile over time. My husband and I started to try conceiving a baby in April 2017, for months nothing happened, finally they tested my husband. Zero sperm was the diagnosis. We did our research found out testosterone was the culprit. 4 month later more tests and visit to a fertility clinic they said his sperm volume and health were not good enough to ever conceive a child natural, invitro would be our only chance. I was determined to try everything natural. Found fertilaid Through Research, put hubby on it in March 2018. We also both went on a diet and exercise regimen, to improve both our overall health. May 2018, 3 months into using fertilaid we are pregnant 🙂 :)… I can’t say fertilaid was the only reason. I can however say that my husband tested for normal testosterone for the first time in several yrs, and even though we are pregnant we still just ordered more fertilaid because it just makes my husband feel more balanced without any negative side effects just the positive ones like increased libido :):)… I am 37 and my husband is 43 we could not be more happy with this product :).

*By Penny

5 stars
Jun 11, 2018

regularizing my cycle

Categories: Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Fertility Drugs, Irregular Cycles, PCOS|

I am 20 years old and not trying to get pregnant. However, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17. I got put on progesterone to give my a period because I would never get one. It gave me a monthly period but sometimes it would give me 2 in a row, skip one or they would still be totally off. At 19 I went to an endocrinologist who told me my adrenal glands were producing too much testosterone and thats why I wasn’t having a period. I got put on dexamethasone to decrease the output of testosterone in my body, gave me a few periods at first but then my body got used to it. I read about how Fertilaid can regularize your schedule and I decided to give it a try. I am now 20, started taking Fertilaid for women on May 28th and got my first period without the help of doctors on June 10th. Im telling you guys this stuff seriously works for regularizing your cycle and getting your hormones in balance. My hormones have been whack for at least 3 years and this stuff worked in 13 days on my body. Highly recommend if you need help with your cycle!

*By Kelsey

5 stars
May 10, 2018

Don’t knock it til you try it!

Categories: Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Fertility Drugs, Irregular Cycles, PCOS, TTC for Extended Period of Time|

I am on my third bottle and it has help regulate my cycle! I have PCOS and without medication I never get my period but with FertilAid I got my period on my second bottle! I am also taking OvaBoost and my husband FertilAid for men. We have been TTC for over 5 years without any luck. I stopped taking prescription medications and praying we can get preggo the natural way. Thank you for your product!

*By Mayra Gomez

5 stars
Mar 6, 2018

Positive OPK

Categories: Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Fertility Drugs, Irregular Cycles, PCOS, TTC for Extended Period of Time|

Before I started taking this product my periods were longer, sometimes I’d bleed for months at a time & I had to take BC over the summer to get it to stop. After that it disappeared for 2 months then got a period then got another one 2 weeks later! I started taking fertilaid in December & the 2 periods I’ve had sinse I’ve started taking them they have been shorter like maybe 3 days possibly 4 if you include spotting! I also got my first positive OPK just 4 days! Hopefully I get pregnant out of this sinse we have been trying for a year & a half at this point & sinse I have PCOS it made it hard with my erratic & mostly horrible periods! We bought another 3 months supply the day before I got my positive OPK for him & her but if I actually get pregnant this cycle we won’t need the supplements but oh well we will just use them later because I know they work & this is a great product for women who have irregular periods!

*By Summer W.

4 stars
Jan 26, 2018


Categories: Endometriosis, Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Fertility Drugs, Irregular Cycles|

A few years back I was rushed into the ER for severe pains. I was diagnosed with endometriosis inside my ovaries and told I will have an extremely difficult time conceiving, if I ever can. My pains would reappear every other month, as one ovary was worse than the other. I was being treated with progesterone pills, birth control, pain meds…told some extremely ridiculous things to do to “deal” with it, but the pains continued with the additional side effects of all the other medications, and almost every 2-3 months I would be back in the ER because of the debilitating pains. I was absolutely miserable and felt like a failure as a woman! My sweet sister told me about this product she found called FertilAid, and she had read the ingredients and the benefits and said that this could be an alternative for me. She was interested in it as she and her husband had been trying to conceive with no success (which they now have the sweetest 5 month old boy, and she got pregnant while taking this and never got to finish the first bottle 🙂 ) Anyways, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it, nothing else was working. Well, I have been taking this for about 4-5 months now, no trips to the ER, no horrible side effects, no pain!!! Although my boyfriend and I are not actively trying to get pregnant, we are also not avoiding it, hoping that perhaps this wonderful supplement can help me fulfill my dreams of being a mother! I hope someday I can leave a review with a picture of my beautiful baby someday, but in the meantime I wanted other women to know how helpful this product is for me! I’ve noticed many reviews are from women using this to help treat medical conditions as opposed to pregnancy, and that was the light at the end of my tunnel to stay far away from the ER lol. Whether I get to have children or not someday, I am still extremely appreciative for what this supplement has done for me, and believe me when I say I am spreading the good word to any female friend or relative I hear is having issues with their girly bits 😂

*By Sandy

5 stars
Dec 26, 2017

It worked for me

Categories: Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Fertility Drugs, TTC for Extended Period of Time|

I started using this product of June 2017. My husband and I begin trying to conceive and were having some trouble. I went to my doctor who prescribed me Clomid. We did not want to pursue medications at the time, and I continued to use this product from June until November consistently and per the directions. On Thanksgiving morning I woke up to a positive pregnancy test. No Clomid needed! This product work for us. I also used Maca root powder (started in September) and the fertility tea. Very thankful for these products.

*By Julie

5 stars
Nov 29, 2017

very good medication

Categories: Fertilaid for Men Reviews, Fertilaid for Men Success Stories, Fertility Drugs|

I use this medication for 2 month and my wife is pregnant, it really work and i am very happy,while i was taking my medication, my wife was taking the one for female and also she took clomid . happy to drop my own testimonies after reading other peoples own

*By stan

5 stars
Jul 17, 2017


Categories: Fertilaid for Men Reviews, Fertilaid for Men Success Stories, Fertility Drugs, TTC For Extended Period of Time|

My husband and I tried for 2 years. After the first year we got pregnant and within the first month we had a MC.
After trying for another year and countless negative pregnancy test, ad tears, I started to research ways to help us conceive .
My husband started taking this product a long with motility and it was my second month on femara. That first month of him taking this product we got pregnant!
I am now laying here looking at my 2 month old in pure joy, never thinking we would be lucky enough to have such a miracle happen to us.
Try it! I know we will be ordering more in the future.
I never write reviews but told myself when purchasing these, if they worked I would write something.
Good luck to everyone trying. Never give up!

*By Ashley

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