Irregular Cycles and Trying to Conceive

The following are actual reviews submitted to us by FertilAid users with irregular cycles. To learn more about FertilAid, or to purchase, click here.

Trying it again

2019-05-19T22:36:51+00:00April 25th, 2019|Categories: Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Irregular Cycles|

I took this years ago when I was irregular do to birth control and didn’t have a period for 2 yrs. it helped regulate and give me a period no baby then. Now married with 2 kids no trouble conceiving them. Trying for baby 3 but I’m having irregular cycles and issues due to fibroid tumor and I realize I ovulate on the 9th day not the 14th. So hopefully this helps get my system back to normal and conceive

*By Gee28

Great Results

2019-05-19T22:36:52+00:00April 13th, 2019|Categories: Endometriosis, Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Irregular Cycles, PCOS|

I really enjoy taking this as well as the THC package. For me struggling with endometriosis, cysts, fibroids & polyps. I can say since taking these since last year my cycle has be more regular then normal. I will continue to take these especially when I’m trying to get pregnant but first I have to find me bf/ husband lol. Great Product!

*By Kisha

It worked!

2019-05-19T22:36:52+00:00January 3rd, 2019|Categories: Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Irregular Cycles, TTC for Extended Period of Time|

I started using this product in early December. I’ve been TTC for a few months now and was getting frustrated with how irregaular my periods were. It turns out I won’t be getting my period for another 9 months! I took FertilAid 3 times a day for a month and got pregnant. I’d give it a shot if you want to get pregnant fast! I also took Ovaboost 3 times a day as well (I felt 4 was too much so I scaled back a bit). Good luck!

*By Brittany T

There was no hope is sight then …… BAM!

2019-05-19T22:36:52+00:00November 28th, 2018|Categories: Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Fertility Drugs, Irregular Cycles, PCOS, TTC for Extended Period of Time|

Where do I start, I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 year and 2 months, I got pregnant the first month we tried and miscarried at week 5, and was not able to get pregnant afterward. I started taking my temp and found that I had a short luteal phase and went on the internet to search for anything that would help with that, which led me to Fairhaven products. I was very impressed with the reviews and all the women that claimed that it helped them get pregnant, so I decided to give it try. After just a month or two, with the help of Fertilaid and Ovaboost, my cycles started to regulate and my luteal phase started to lengthen. But alas I was not able to get pregnant, it was frustrating and I couldn’t afford to keep taking the pills for much longer so I stopped. For a long while.

Fast forward about a year later, I go to a doctors appointment and doctor finds that my thyroid is enlarged. After a few blood tests, an ultrasound and a biopsy I find that I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and in case you don’t know this is an autoimmune disease that attacks your thyroid and brings production of thyroid hormone way down. Which is not conducive for getting pregnant as it affects every cell in your body, and robs them of energy. So I get on the thyroid medication and I think “this must it, I will get pregnant right away. ” Nope. I am still trying to get my levels right and everytime they up my meds my cycle goes berserk, I have cycles as long as 50 days at times.

So, I am thinking to myself what can I do to regulate my cycles again and the only thing I can think of is Fertilaid and Ovaboost, I start off with Ovaboost and a regular prenatal, this does end up bringing my ovulation up and helps with the cycle length, still not pregnant though. Then, in the second month, I add in Fertilaid. My cycles are regular and my ovulation is good, now just the waiting and praying game. Well, the third month comes around, I have a particularly good day involving CM, with more than I have had in a LONG time. My husband and I do the deed and two weeks later, well… I think I’m out for the month. Temp was going down and had a temp drop at DPO 11, but then DPO 12 (the due date of my period), my temp goes slightly back up. What? that never happens, but also, the situation of my dreams. So I decided to take a pregnancy test on a whim. I was in disbelief, there was an instant BFP!!!!!! And I mean instant I could see the line before the red had even dissipated. (I use one of Fairhaven’s pregnancy tests by the way) I could not believe it, I’ve waited so long for this day, and finally finally it has come.

I truly believe that it was the combination of getting my thyroid right and the magical freaking powers of Fertilaid and Ovaboost. I highly recommend them to any and all women with cycle issues or infertility or whatever. I hope this helps and I hope to any women that are reading this trying to decide whether or not to give these a try, that this will help you to decide to just do it. I was skeptical at first too, there are so many things out that for women with infertility that are just trying to get your money. This is NOT one of them! They have helped me out tremendously, and it didn’t take forever to start seeing the effects either. So good luck to all the ladies out there trying to get there BFP, I hope that if you do try these products that they work as well for you as they did for me.

*By Gianesi


2019-05-19T22:36:53+00:00October 21st, 2018|Categories: Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Irregular Cycles, TTC for Extended Period of Time|

I was super skeptical but we had been trying for a year. My periods are super irregular. Abd I honestly couldn’t think I could get prego after having unprotected sex for 3 years with my fiance. So I ordered to give it a shot. Abd didn’t finish the bottle(had 3 to 4 days left) took a test 10/20/18 and 4 test later all positive. I’d at least give this a try I know it definitely helped me!! (Started taking them the 7th of sept) were beyond happy. Now I’m just waiting to get past the safe zone. By my apps calculations I’m 6 weeks. I hope you give it a try and it works for you as well😁 sending baby dust you’re way!!

*By Anonymous

2019-03-28T22:37:12+00:00October 8th, 2018|Categories: Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Irregular Cycles, PCOS|

This stuff is amazing!

My periods have always been very irregular and extremely heavy and painful. Doctors have gone back and forth on whether I have PCOS or not. The birth control pill helped regulate my periods but in 2014 my husband and I wanted to start trying to have a baby. I went off the pill and my periods were of course crazy again. I would take ovulation tests throughtout the month that never showed ovulation. After a year of TTC I was getting ready to schedule an appointment with the Dr but somehow came across Fertilaid. On a whim I gave it a try based on other reviews and got pregnant with our daughter that next cycle! I didn’t believe it could work so fast after trying for a year that I took 3 tests to confirm it was real haha! She was born beautiful and healthy Feb 2016.

Fast forward to 2018. My husband and I were thinking of having another child but had several vacations planned over the summer (some international) and didn’t want to be pregnant for them since I was pretty nauseous with my daughter’s pregnancy. My birth control RX was up in April and I didn’t want to renew it for just 2 months but was also very nervous about the awful periods again. I decided to take Fertilaid to see if would help regulate them and just use non oral birth control until ready to get pregnant. I was so happy to find that my cycles were a perfect 28 days every month with no excess pain, or heavy bleeding as was usual. In August we stopped using the birth control and I added OvaBoost and we found out last week that we are pregnant again after less than 2 months TTC!!! I 100% feel that this is a miracle pill for me and truly a Godsend! My husband and I are so grateful for it and so excited to meet our new baby next summer. Thank you, thank you!!

*By Kaitlyn

7 yrs trying.. and BFP

2018-11-20T23:31:46+00:00July 9th, 2018|Categories: Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Fertility Drugs, Irregular Cycles, TTC for Extended Period of Time|

I had been trying for seven years. having horrible pains at ovulation time for about a day or so, then it would stop and I had never known what was going on. I ad been to DR’s and they’d tell me it was a normal pain with ovulation but it wasn’t I couldn’t even sit down right without hurting like there was pressure inside… anyways I had heard about fertilaid on a baby forum and wanted to see what it was about. It had been 7- 9 years of ttc.. I was game for anything at this point (I’m not getting any younger). I think this was in December 2017 I took it the whole month, I still had this pain with ovulation. I thought it wasn’t doing its job and I’ve paid doctors to try and find what’s bothering me, so I quit taking it sometime in January. I end up missing my period in February (which is normal for me) then I missed one in march and had gotten a BFP on the 19th! I couldn’t believe it after all that time trying. I thought I was dreaming. the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage just a few short weeks later I feel it was a progesterone issue but hadn’t had a chance to figure it out. so I order me more fertilaid recently and have all the plans in the world on sticking with it. I cant say for sure fertilaid got me a BFP but I really believe it did. I was recently prescribed clomid and i definitely want to try fertilaid again first.. fertility drugs have such a high rate of autism and I just personally feel this is a safer alternative as long as it works.. ill definitely update as time goes by. baby dust to all**..
** side note when you first take this supplement you may get a headache or nauseous: for the headache I have to take stuff for it occasionally but for nausea eat a little when you take it and its pretty well none existent. after week or two these will subside.. it will be well worth that BFP! I wanted to tell my story because it had been so long and my husbands numbers are fabulous so it was all me, which didn’t help my anxiety about getting pregnant. Anyway the best of luck to you all hopefully for me as we’ll <3

*By Ruby Wears

It works, worth a try!

2018-11-20T23:31:46+00:00July 9th, 2018|Categories: Fertilaid For Women Reviews, Fertilaid for Women Success Stories, Irregular Cycles, PCOS, TTC for Extended Period of Time|

Don’t want to write a super long review but it seriously works. The first time around for 2 months I took this with ova-boost & myo-inositol because I have bad PCOS, went 3 years with not a single period. Anyways, never got pregnant the first time around because when I ovulated I never had any kind of sex drive! The second time around I took them for a month and I developed soooo much cervical mucus I knew i ovulated, my husband was passed out I just got him going and made sure we had sex that night! Needless to say I got the positive 3 weeks later not expecting to be pregnant because I didn’t take the whole full dosages. Way too much pills, maybe just 2 each? Well I decided to leave a review because I’m here midnight in bed looking for nipple stimulation reviews to speed up my pregnancy and put my in labor! I’m due on the 25 this month of July and with a few weeks left I figure why not 😉 and got me thinking without fertilaid products I wouldn’t even be bothering to find natural ways to induce labor! I’m so grateful for my babygirl to be born. Me and her daddy have tried for years. Also with faith in God and prayer, he blessed us with this beautiful healthy pregnancy! This really works and everyone is different but I took a chance on it and don’t regret it at all!! Oops I guess I did write a lot LOL.

*By Hi’ilani

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